Photo by Cousin Daniel for Death+Taxes.My name is Joe, a Scorpio E/INFJ originally from rural southern Wisconsin, complete with cows, raspberry fields and star-filled skies. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison with a degree in journalism and mass communication in 2008, and moved to Chicago shortly thereafter.

I am the editorial director of news at Thrillist. In addition, you can read my writing on pop culture and politics at Queering the Burbs, my Substack newsletter.

Prior to all that, I worked as senior news editor at Built In, managing editor at Dose/OMGFacts and senior reporter at The Huffington Post. My work has also been featured in the Village Voice, Fodor’s, Riot Fest Magazine, INTOGapers BlockWindy City TimesChicagoist, the 2013 queer anthology Boys, and elsewhere. In 2017, I was named a National Press Foundation fellow.

Beyond writing, I co-hosted the pop culture podcast Coffee and Bars with Sylvia Rodemeyer for several years. I also occasionally DJ and previously co-founded a monthly LGBTQ+ community fundraising event called Subject to Change.

I currently live in west suburban Chicago with my husband Stefin, two cats, and probably too many vinyl records and sneakers.

Running my mouth on HuffPost Live.

These are a few of my favorite clips:


I spoke on a 2013 “Print to the Future” panel moderated by Alison Cuddy at Revolution Brewery. Other speakers included Ed Marszewski, Mara Shalhoup and Charles Whitaker. Watch highlights here:

More podcast appearances and interviews:

In 2016, I interviewed my parents for HuffPost’s Talk to Me series: