Drunk driving epidemic strikes LA, no one safe


This past Thursday morning, around 3 AM, beloved waif of “O.C.” fame, Mischa Barton, was reportedly pulled over in L.A. when police noticed she was driving somewhat erratically. Barton, 21, was then arrested on charges of drunken driving, possession of marijuana — and driving without a valid license. She posted her $10,000 bail and was released, awaiting trial in February. Today, she canceled an upcoming appearance at a Las Vegas club’s grand opening party next week.

Apparently debauchery runs in the family for the Bartons, as Mischa’s younger sister entered into rehab earlier this year for a pill addiction. So much for Barton’s somewhat innocent celebrity persona… One has to wonder who else could fall victim to the drunk driving epidemic that is striking nation’s West coast and leaving almost no one unaffected.


Not even Santa, the bringer of joy to childrens’ hearts the world over, is safe from the intoxicating virus. On Sunday evening, a man was also arrested in L.A. for drunken driving charges. The man was reportedly wearing a wig topped off by a Santa hat, a red camisole and a purple g-string. When the man’s blood alcohol content was tested at the station, he had exceeded the legal limit of .08 and was later released on $5,000 bail.

If you are reading this from the LA area, EVACUATE NOW. It appears that your water supply has gone to vodka practically overnight.

Or, as a Plan B, at least stop drinking before you hop behind the wheel of your BMW.

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