Don’t you know that you’re toxic?


As I’m sure you are all aware, Britney Spears has started out 2008 as the focus of much controversy, due to a chaos-filled child-handoff with K-Fed last Wednesday evening that culminated in Spears being wrestled into the back of an ambulance to spend two nights under observation at LA’s Cedar-Sinai Medical Center. Having tested negative for illegal drugs and alcohol, Spears checked herself out of the hospital on Saturday. No one seems to know at this point what caused the complete breakdown of the teen-star-turned-trailer-mama-slut, with hypotheses ranging from People Magazine’s Britney’s Bipolar Theory to the well-known Selfish Diva Theory.

When it comes down to it, I honestly couldn’t care one way or another about what “caused” Spears’ apparent meltdown. What really concerns me about the whole situation is rarely being discussed in any of the zillions of articles that have sprang up across the Internet on the incident: How the hell are those damn kids supposed to have any shot at this point to become well-adjusted adults at any point in the future? Brit-Brit has completely fucked these kids over, and even though her custody has been completely taken away, the damage has already been done. Not letting Spears see her children is likely going to cause them more harm than good, though it could be the lesser of two evils, given that it would allow for the kids to be distanced from the traveling tabloid military that have been hounding Spears for years.

I enjoy celebrity gossip as much as the next gay boy, but enough is enough. Hollywood wannabes: Give this girl some space and let her sort this stuff out — she is clearly on the brink of sheer insanity.

In other news, Brit-Brit popped up in an unexpected place, at the sold-out Dresden Dolls concert at the Vic Theatre that I was lucky enough to attend on Saturday night. Prior to the fantastic show, which included a number of new songs in addition to fabulous standards (‘Coin-Operated Boy’, ‘Missed Me’, ‘Girl Anachronism’) all performed with unbridled panache, a troupe of interpretive dancers took to the stage to perform a three-minute dance telling the story of Romeo and Juliet. Nothing too groundbreaking, I suppose — except that they were both lesbians. And performed to ‘Toxic.’ Check out the video below.

The show was just one of many highlights from a fantastic weekend adventure in Chicago. Sylvia and I started Saturday on Michigan Avenue, so that I could stock up on underoos from H&M, and before long, we made it up to Lakeview, the site of the night’s show and the center of Boystown. Even though I had one too many vodka tonics at Roscoe’s, the night taken as a whole was incredible, and I’m looking forward to my August move now more than ever. Sunday morning, we traveled up the Red Line for brunch at an adorable restaurant in Andersonville, where I ate the best crepe EVER — filled with caramelized onions and feta cheese.

One thought on “Don’t you know that you’re toxic?

  1. Hey, let me know when you find a place, or need help finding a place in Chicago. I have a very good friend who has a place right on the corner of Diversy and Halsted, right behind a spectacular gay bar, whose name escapes me now! 😦 But he would be happy to help you get settled, I’m sure. And I would love for you two to meet.

    Sounds like you had a fantastic time in Chicago, and I agree with what you said about Brit.

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