Give a listen to… Owen Pallett

Owen Pallett, the son of two entomologists — as he describes himself on his Myspace page, is an incredible violinist and composer from Toronto. Pallett’s principle project is Final Fantasy, a mostly solo venture under which the performer has released two albums — 2005’s Has a Good Home and 2006’s He Poos Clouds, which was awarded the inaugural Polaris Music Prize. Pallett has also recorded, toured and composed string arrangements with the Arcade Fire and Beirut and contributed remixes for Stars and Bloc Party.

Besides his nerdishly complex arrangements displayed on each of his previous two albums as Final Fantasy, Scruffy McFiddle also holds it down in the live covers department. He recently unleashed the below reinterpretation of Celine Dion’s Power of Love, at a show in Toronto.

Although he is not currently touring in North America, this is an artist for you to check out if you’re into meticulous, quirky strings-infused pop. Personally, I’m awaiting the day for a collaboration between Pallett and fellow queer musician Chris Garneau. A boy can dream, right?


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