Give a listen to… Onili

This week/month/whenever’s “Give a listen to…” feature is Onili, a fantastic Israeli band that is just beginning to get a tiny ounce of press… I actually stumbled across their stand-out track Sentimental thanks to a feature on the blog of KEXP, a college radio station out of Seattle. The band, led by Onili, has a fresh, organic feel, featuring drummer Barak Kram, guitarist Matthieu Imberty and bassist Yonatan Levy. Onili, who lived in Paris for ten years before settling in Israeli, lists Busta Rhymes, Prince and Outkast among her influences, and hopes to one day write an album for Madonna. Fierce, no?

Onili are playing their first four American shows later this month with Soulico, including a stop on Valentine’s Day in Chicago. Their latest release, Games EP, came out in December and is spectacular. Click here to check it out — available in MP3 format for just $4. Be on the lookout for more things from this group in the very near future, this is some legit, in-at-the-ground-level, serious talent that you’ll be able to brag to your friends about. Below, check out their first live performance of Sentimental in Tel Aviv and a download of their new single, Games.

Visit: Official Site
Visit: Myspace


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