A year later!

Today is the first anniversary of the incorporation of Reality TV Makes Me Cry. My updates have been haphazard at best, but I am a reformed blogger. You will see many bright [.. wrong word. How’s about snarky? Opinionated? Unapologetically leftist?] things in the future from this blog.

In honor of RTMC’s birthday, I dedicate this entry to love, peace and all things holy. And by that, I mean my girl, Paula Abdul., of Hey Paula-drugged-and-falling-over-on-television-craziness fame.

Abdul hasn’t had the best luck as of late, with her devoted fan Paula Goodspeed committing suicide outside of her apartment last week, resulting in rumors that she will be leaving the American Idol judge’s table. But do not fear for her career/mental well-being quite yet — she reportedly is filming a cheer competition special for MTV, to be aired on New Year’s Day.

In honor of this special day, here is Miss Gurl’s 1991 hit Promise of a New Day. It’s nineties-rific.

Annnnd I couldn’t resist sharing one of my favorite Paula lapses-of-mental-presence, while trying to sell shit and verbalize sentences on QVC:

Happy Tofurky Day, everyone.


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