Whose byline is it anyway?

This past week has been crazy busy to say the least for this freelancer. I completed five articles, with a sixth on the way, and I must say they form a fun little cornucopia of queer culture, including incredible interviews with gay rights legend Rita Mae Brown and Nick Garrison, the actor portraying Hedwig in the American Theater Company’s current production of The Angry Inch. I had a chance to review Hedwig, in addition to the national touring production of A Chorus Line. And I had a chance to speak with some folks on Illinois’ civil unions bill, introduced by Greg Harris.

My favorite moment in the past week: This quote from Rita Mae Brown (on gay marriage): “…I do not see, if we actually believe the Constitution, how [marriage] can be denied. And I add, the only way I will tie the noose is around somebody’s neck. I don’t mate in captivity.” Check out the interview with Rita in its entirety, and the other stories, by clicking on the images below.







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