Bjork attacks… again!

I am Bjork.  Hear me ROAR!

And this time she can’t blame it on her child being in danger.

Yesterday, upon my favoriteist crazy bitch’s arrival at the Auckland, NZ, International Airport at 7:50 AM, Bjork attacked Glen Jefrey, a news reporter from the New Zealand Herald. Bjork reportedly tore Jeffrey’s shirt in half, after a man accompanying the Diva of the Sky asked Jeffrey to refrain from photographing her. And Jeffrey is pissed:

“I don’t see being assaulted as I’m working as a press photographer as an acceptable thing … If anybody assaults anybody you have the right to a legal recourse, whoever they are.”

I mean sure, I agree with him in principle, but Jeffrey needs to realize that certain unwritten rules apply when trying to capture the essence of a deity in photographs and Bjork retains the right to enforce these rules which have been handed down from the Cosmos. First of all, the “black skivvy” (as he described it) was probably unfashionable, so really, Bjork was doing the man a favor by freeing his body from it. Second of all, everyone knows not to lock eyes with beasts outside of their natural environments. He shouldn’t have expected anything less than having his shirt ripped to pieces. Check out the video footage below from the last time that a reporter infamously made a similar mistake — in 1996 at the Bangkok International Airport.

So, folks, lesson of the day: Don’t fuck with Bjork. She will maim you. Or at the very least, tear up your favorite skivvy. Enjoy another download below, an aptly-named b-side off of the Bachelorette single.

Download: Bjork ‘Scary’