Those krazy kats…

This is probably old news to those of you who follow other blogs, but I couldn’t help but comment on Spaghetti Cat, a pasta-dining feline that has been popping up in the strangest places as of late.

Just earlier in the month, on the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, the cat suddenly appeared during an episode on binge drinking, and then disappeared as quickly as it came, accompanied by no explanation whatsoever (watch around 0:44):

The origins of Spaghetti Cat have proven to be a mystery. Where did the cat come from? Why is it eating spaghetti? As it turned out, the photo was taken from an upcoming segment being produced for the show, and was used in place of a bleep — a so-called “bleep photo”.  The talented kitty was apparently also featured on a previous episode of “Pet Star.”  The damn cat wants to eat dinner with Oprah Winfrey This is the way we wash our pawww.

In other news, for those of you tired of looking at your cat’s boring old ears and head, there is a new product line for you!  Kitty Wigs! Really.

Electric blue's the one for my pussycat.
Electric blue's the one for my pussycat.

The only question left is which one best fits your kitty.  Bashful blonde?  Electric blue?  Silver fox?  The sky is the limit — particularly with new wig designs coming in the near future!

I couldn’t help but admit that the kitty wigs made me think of my absolute favorite wig-wearing non-drag queen, mistress of the piano, Miss Tori Amos, who just last week (August 22) celebrated her forty-fifth birthday and is on the heels of the release of a new graphic novel created with Neil Gaiman and an enclave of other artists, Comic Book Hero.  As a belated birthday treat, here’s one of my favorite old-school clips of a live Tori fuck-up (Mr. Zebra):

Download: Ratatat ‘Wildcat’

Download: The LK ‘Private Life of a Cat’