Give a listen to… Kate Nash

20-year-old Dublin songstress Kate Nash’s debut album “Made of Bricks” will finally be unleashed upon the States tomorrow after over a year of critical acclaim overseas, and I cannot find the words to adequately describe the many reasons why this is an album you should most certainly own. Nash’s British accent and quirky song-writing style have drawn comparisons to other artists from across the ocean, most notably Lily Allen, but any similarities end at the accent. Simply put, Nash is what everyone will be saying Lily Allen “could have been” three years from now.

Need some evidence? Check out the video of Nash’s performance of her #1 single “Foundations” from Jool Holland’s Hootenanny New Years’ Eve show below, as well as a download of the wickedly tart “Dickhead” and a link to her Myspace profile to hear more.

Visit: Myspace
Visit: Official Site

Be on the lookout for more “Give a listen to…” entries on a semi-regular basis here at the blog, spotlighting upcoming artists that deserve your attention.


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