Not my “Pal”..-in.

In the days that have passed since it was announced that Super Hockey Mommy Gun-Lovin’ Church Lady Barbie was to be the Republican nominee for vice president, I have tried to refrain from my immediate reaction. Or actually, my second one, since my immediate reaction, “Who?”, would be difficult for me to deny, as it would be for many Americans.

But, no. We weren’t punk’d. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin; renowned for her extensive diplomatic experience with nearby Russia and research into the causes of global warming and the history of the feminist movement — she is, a feminist, of course; is truly being nominated for the No. 2 most important position in our country’s government.

I don’t know which of the following is more comical about this clearly very strategic move by the Republican Party, besides her complete lack of experience:

(a) That they’d truly believe that moderate and hardcore Hillary-loving liberal white women would embrace Palin as a candidate;

(b) That this would be viewed as a giant, progressive step forward in the women’s movement — breaking through the glass ceiling — by Americans everywhere, despite Palin’s clearly anti-choice position;

(c) That both of the above seem to actually be happening. At least in some parts of this nation, thanks in no small part of the right-wing PR machine (which, I must admit as a strategic communications major, is clearly brilliant) and the always-receptive-to-ignorance FOX News, not to mention CNBC. Just look at this ridiculous clip from Donny Deutsch, who claims that Palin is a successful candidate because she knows her place in the world — wearing a skirt — Hilldawg never figured that out.

This whole thing is ludicrous. But to be fair, Palin does have some experience in politics, and her accomplishments should not be ignored. Just to name a few:

  1. While serving as Mayor of Wasilia, Alaska, she looked the other way as victims of sexual assault were charged between $300 and $1200 for rape kits. OpEdna
  2. Also while Mayor of Wasilia, Palin attempted to fire a librarian who refused to remove several books from the library system. Two of the titles? Daddy’s Roommate and Pastor I’m Gay. I love having people in office in a democratic nation who don’t support free speech. The Huffington Post and AP
  3. While Governor of Alaska, Palin supported legislation that made it easier for aerial hunters to brutally kill wolves and other animals during the winter, in addition to many other aggressively pro-hunting policies. Queerty
  4. During her first 19 months in office as Governor, Palin billed Alaskan taxpayers for 312 nights of a “per diem” allowance to cover her meals and incidental expenses. The total bill? Around $16,000; while her family charged the state over $40,000 to travel in that time. Washington Post
  5. Palin’s former church, the Wasilia Assembly of God, has close ties to the abysmal and abusive ex-gay organization Love Won Out. AP

These were just five among many, many more reasons why this woman could not be a worse choice for vice president. Disagree? I’m deeply saddened by your ignorance. Period. I couldn’t agree more with Margaret Cho (an actual feminist)’s quotation from earlier today in the Washington Blade:

“I think [Palin] is the worst thing to happen to America since 9-11,” Cho said. “Someone who has no thoughts about women’s rights and who wants to send women back to the Stone Age? You might as well not let women vote. I came out of the Democratic convention feeling so proud and excited, but now I fear that our country is so backwards in so many ways and the ignorance that exists is greater than we can even imagine.”

Kudos for being brave and speaking out, Miss Cho. It’s not easy to do in a country that has been taught in recent years to fear like never before. To obey. To never ask questions. When in doubt, just drive over to Wal Mart and buy more shit. It’s the American way.

Kudos to Cho. Kudos to Gloria Steinem, author of the LA Times piece, “Wrong woman, wrong message”. Kudos to the hundreds who rallied this weekend at the Alaskan Women Reject Palin rally — more than showed up to her Welcome Home Rally on the same day. Kudos to mafuckin’ Tina Fey, for her impeccable impression of Hockey Mommy.

Let’s not stand by and let an anti-gay, anti-choice, pro-violence, completely ignorant non-feminist step within a heartbeat of the Presidency. The time is now.


One thought on “Not my “Pal”..-in.

  1. I like most decided to read some of the cotnemms on this site and it’s quite easy to see the trolls and the same people making cotnemms using different names. IP addresses will confirm this but I digress. Sarah Palin loves this country, absolutely loves it. She loves it because of the freedoms that we have that were bought and paid for by our forefathers and the military that continues to defend this nation. You vile filthy trolls making these lude cotnemms would not be able to do so if it were not for your freedoms and people like Sarah Palin and myself.Let’s do a comparison shall we? Your hero Barack Hussein wants to stifle free speech or any speech that he deems uncivil. That being the case you worthless trolls typing these poisonous cotnemms would not be able to do so if Hussein had his way. Hussein wants government in every aspect of your life and you would gladly give up your God given rights for this imposter, this nobody. He is King Nothing but you liberal trolls are so ready to be followers instead of having independent thought.Now I realize that you liberal trolls are quite ignorant and I expect this because of what you are. Apparently none of you paid any attention in history class especially when the subject of Nazi Germany was the agenda. Since you liberals that troll this site consider yourselves the scholarly type then you should already see the similarities between Hitler and Obama, but in case you’re more ignorant than I believe and are afraid to pick up a book then by all means go to Youtube and watch the videos on Hitler.The videos on Hitler are accurate and it talks of his beginning, which is almost identical to Husseins, it shows how the people rallied around this man based on him making promises, talking about putting the country of Germany to work, and everyone becoming equal. Gee where have I heard other propaganda such as this? That’s right, out of Barack Husseins mouth. He preaches this every single chance he has. Empty words from an empty suit.You ever think there is a reason he needs a teleprompter? No independent thought just like the liberals that troll this site. Barack Hussein is un-American just as you liberals are un-American. You do not deserve to live in this country because we in America believe in freedom whereas you want a government controlled society such as Nazi Germany or Barack Husseins idea of America.Sarah Palin IS the next Ronald Reagan. There is no argument concerning this. None. One liberal troll on this site made the comment, she quit the job as governor so what makes us think she will not quit the role of president when the going gets tough? Hey moron, hey sheep, she resigned her governorship because of all the frivolous lawsuits being filed by idiots like you. It was on the taxpayers dime and Sarah Palin refused to have taxpayers foot the bill.Now for the final blow to the liberal trolls sitting in their mothers basement submitting these vile and unfounded posts. You continue to this day to question Sarah Palins experience. Really? REALLY?!! Barack Hussein came from nowhere. NOWHERE! He never held a private sector job nor was he any sort of college professor, he was not even adjunct. HE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A BIRTH CERTIFICATE! The state of Hawaii cannot locate one! He was a J U N I O R senator in Illinois for approximately 160 days. That’s his experience. There it is. Do you really want to debate the experience of Governor Palin? As previously mentioned those that bow at Husseins feet are un-American and do not deserve to live in this country. Just because you were born in America does not mean you are an American. Sarah Palin is the epitome of what an American is.She is someone that our forefathers would be proud of. There is a simple answer to the question of her running for the Presidency. Yes. If you vote for her then you truly believe in the Constitution, Freedom, and what it means to be an American.

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