I’m Not Sarah Jessica Parker

No, I’m not an actress-singer-dancer-singer-songwriter-performer. No, my hair is not blonde and no, my net worth does not rival most third-world countries’ GDPs. No, I do not have an agent, nor am I especially talented at anything in particular. I am a white, twenty-something queer male living, learning and loving in the quaint, liberal Midwestern bubble of Madison, Wisconsin. I am perpetually single, unabashedly sarcastic and a wannabe socialite. I live for music and culture, the shading that provide extra color to our everyday existence and provide an outlet from the humdrum. I’m speeding toward completing an undergraduate degree that opens the door to both uncertainty and possibility.

This blog is about my adventure. Not to land The Perfect Job. Not to meet Mr. Right. And most certainly not to Change the World. This is not about learning from life’s mistakes, becoming a better person or providing a window into my soul. Rather, this is a blog about all of those awkward little moments in life that you almost wish never happened, but that you can’t help but smile about. This blog is the contrived hug with an estranged ex. This blog is your newly-coffee-stained scarf to start out a Monday morning. This blog is the blind date that would have been better spent alone watching a Lifetime movie on the couch.

I know what you’re probably thinking — Hasn’t this been done before? Isn’t that quite Carrie Bradshaw of you? Who cares any way? My answers to all of these questions would be the same: I really don’t care. This is my life, and these are my thoughts.


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