Why you don’t piss off lesbians… especially Aussie lesbians…

Women killed ‘irritating’ girl, 16
“Two young women have admitted cold-bloodedly killing a 16-year-old girl because she irritated them.

They dumped Stacey Mitchell’s body in a wheelie bin and were still debating the merits of using chainsaws and lime to dispose of her body when they were arrested in Perth days later.

Jessica Ellen Stasinowsky, 20, and her girlfriend Valerie Paige Parashumti, 19, pleaded guilty to the wilful murder in Perth Magistrates Court.”

I don’t have anything too intelligent to say as a comment on this, except for day-um.. If I stuck everyone in a wheelbarrel that “irritated” me, I would have run out years ago. It’s just not economical, ladies.

And this quote from one of the killers REALLY gets me:

“No one should destroy your happiness and you should kill anyone who does.”

Um, seriously?

On a lighter note, last Wednesday evening at approximately 9:02 PM central time, the nationwide gaygasm was palpable as the two divalicious icons of gay culuture below shared the silver screen on ‘Project Runway.’

Even the contestants themselves (particularly the ‘mos, i.e. half the cast) could barely hold it together as SJP walked through the door into the Parsons workroom, and it was frickin’ adorable. And I must add that Victorya’s gorgeous convection of a design has chalked her as an early favorite in my book. It was a perfect match for the Bitten line and will almost certainly sell to women of all types.


2 thoughts on “Why you don’t piss off lesbians… especially Aussie lesbians…

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